About Us


At Woodbury Insurance Brokers Ltd, we’ve been helping clients with their insurance needs for more than 50 years. From our offices in Cheddar, Somerset, we provide independent insurance advice to clients from the local area – as well as others from all around the UK.

In many ways we’re a very traditional business. We’re family run and enjoy meeting people face-to-face to discuss their needs. Of course we’ve changed with the times and are able to help all sorts of clients with a wide range of insurance needs. But while our business has grown, we’ve always remained true to our values of independent and customer-focused service.

Unlike many insurance brokers our staff do not receive any commission which means any advice they give is 100% impartial. We’re on your side and only recommend products and services that we feel are truly right for you. Likewise, our service doesn’t stop at the sale. We’re here for you if you need help and we pride ourselves on our quick response times, whether you need to make a claim or simply want some advice.

At Woodbury, you are not simply a number. You are a valued customer and we’ll make sure we take the time to get to know you and your insurance needs.

Whatever your insurance needs, don’t hesitate to pop in and visit us, or pick up the phone if you’re further afield. We’re Woodbury and we’re here to help.